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Ian Usher


I am a competent and motivated software engineer with a wide range of programming experience in a number of different facets of development, ranging from building responsive web applications to writing distributed data processing systems. I am currently seeking a position in which I may learn new skills and expand my knowledge, while also serving as a constructive, diligent and creative member of a team of similarly motivated people. I am looking for a role in which I can contribute not just to the codebase, but also to the project (in terms of design and planning) at large.


Principal Systems Engineer — XXXXXXX

June 2016 – Present

Currently building in-house support software for everyday operations and managing a suite of third-party support tools.

Key Technologies: Java, Play! Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (including LESS), Postgres, Python, Bash, Git, Jira, Jenkins, Linux.

Senior Developer — XXXXXXX

July 2011 – June 2016

As a senior developer I have contributed to the development of large parts of the XXXXXXX infrastructure from almost its inception. I have been heavily involved in the construction of:

  • validation and ETL processes for the data collection system
  • RESTful data APIs to serve and query aggregated data from XXXXXXX’s warehouses
  • notification processing and delivery systems
  • the entirety of the publicly accessible administrative application at XXXXXXX.
  • a multitude of helper scripting for everything from collecting up-to-date currency conversion data and ETL-ing IPv4 geo-location data, to scraping and aggregating review data from Steam, Google Play and iTunes.

I was also involved in the design of various aspects of the system, including:

  • the REST API for providing aggregated data
  • the data collection event format (and validating mechanisms)
  • the REST API for collecting data

The demands of the system have lead me to working with a wide range of technologies from cutting edge databases to modern Java/Scala based web application frameworks. I have scripted in bash (and more pleasantly in Python) but the heavy lifting has been done in Java (having migrated from a C# and .NET platform in the early months of the project). Day-to-day development, as well as deployment, is on Linux based systems, of which I have basic administration experience. Source control is performed through Git of which I have a decent working knowledge, and I have also used Subversion in the past. Continuous integration is provided through Jenkins of which, again, I have basic administrative experience.

Working on these important components has required harnessing through JUnit and DBUnit to ensure reliable ongoing development of the platform.

Key Technologies: Java, Play! Framework, JavaScript (including Jquery and Backbone), HTML, CSS (including LESS), Databases (including Volt, Vertica, Cassandra, Postgres, MongoDB), Python, C# and .NET’s MVC framework, Junit, DBUnit, Bash, Git, Jira, Jenkins, Linux.

Senior Developer — XXXXXXX

January 2005 – July 2011

While at XXXXXXX my main responsibility was the creation of web applications based on a set of requirements and graphical mock ups. This meant full construction of all back-end functionality (including the design and creation of supporting databases) and the implementation of the user interface based on the provided mock ups and using handrolled CSS and Javascript.

Whereas my current role at XXXXXXX has me frequently working on outward facing RESTful APIs, while at XXXXXXX I implemented a number of integrations with 3rd party APIs such as payment gateways, CRMs (such as Salesforce) and commonly Google APIs (such as the Google maps API).

The applications, originally written in PHP using an evolving in-house framework, were eventually migrated to Python and the Django framework, which allows rapid prototyping and has a vibrant open-source community. As early adopters, the majority of my time at XXXXXXX was spent writing in Python.

I was also heavily involved in the original design and build of an online educational content delivery system that allowed the specification of complex and innovative material that could then be professionally rendered through a flash-based interactive player. I was lead designer and developer on the player, the supporting website and the supporting data structures.

Key technologies: Python, Django, MySQL, Postgres, PHP, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript, Apache.


2002 — BEng. Software Engineering from the University of Edinburgh (2:1 Hons)


Outside of work I spend a lot of time enjoying ice hockey (and spending altogether too much time thinking about ice hockey statistics); binging on Netflix (I have a penchant for mediocre sci-fi shows); enjoying a variety of comedy (especially in podcast form) and occasionally writing some truly terrible poetry. I also like to do a little hobby coding, most of which is in no fit state to be seen, but some of which may be encountered on Github.