The Monstrous Cavalcade
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The Curator

Also Known As

The curator of these terrible entities, the parade-master of this awful alliance and ring-master of this noxious circus is a vaguely human creature known to his inner circle as Ian Usher. When not writing in this hammy fashion or questioning whether he's actually grasped exactly what a cavalcade is, he writes software for a living. While he's very skeptical of the quality of his own work (indeed his impostor syndrome anthropomorphised would make a formidable addition to this monstrous collection) he's quite proud of the curiosities listed within these pages. He's also quite proud that he managed to put together this site with only a smattering of scorn & laughter from his partner, a graphic designer.

It's vaguely like something I might have designed a decade ago.
  – A Graphic Designer

He's hoping that finally having a proper, non-wordpress site after all this time might encourage him to add more content to it and get more projects up and running. It probably won't, but he enjoys the hope.

Modus Operandi

You can find out more about the curator's curious existence by:

  • reading his Mastodon feed (which he warns is as incomprehensible and unpleasant a feed as any)
  • or poring over his Curriculum Vitae (which is fancy Latin for Mediocre Achievement Documentation)