The Monstrous Cavalcade
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Podcasts from the Swamp

Never one to avoid solving a problem that doesn't really exist, the curator gladly put on the rubber gloves & boots required to pull this pythonic grotesque from the quagmire. Podswamp is an alchemist capable of transmogrifying base podcasts (in the form of Libsyn RSS feeds) into the fool's gold of bespoke websites. It was originally written as a helper to give the curator easier access to the audio he likes while toiling in the laboratory, but now it's just another curio in his cabinet.

Should you wish to hold this decrepit swamp-dweller in your own hands and experience its pustulent ooze for yourself you may wander over to its github page.

Today's Putrid Catch

Though never artistically gifted (as this very institution pays odourous testament), the curator saw fit to demonstrate the metamorphic properties of the PodSwamp with some rudimentary transfigurations. While the base sources of these Podcasts are popular, entertaining and oft jovial, the curator warns that the repugnant spawn the process delivers are best viewed from far behind glass and with eyes tightly closed. He assures us, however, that they sound just fine. Behold these unsightly displays on their github page.

Not content with having Podswamp and its offspring sealed in a repository, the curator saw fit to also place it on display as part of his own parade:

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