The Monstrous Cavalcade
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Formic Acid

The Acid Test

Formic Aside is another diseased canker scraped from its parent project. Since being isolated in a petri dish it has grown, sprouting additional limbs and tumours. Formic Aside's purpose is to wrap a bounty of sickening form validation operations into a dripping bundle that can be used to create arbitrary forms. Perhaps the sort of stomach churning form one might fill out when making an insurance claim or a visa application, for example.

Formic Aside is active, warts evident and engorged. It it planned that this creation will be completed in the near future, and a new experiment begun to stitch it to its sister project DBaser. This would potentially create a new abomination offering abilities to validate forms and store their data appropriately. That being is still some ways off however.

Should you wish to examine this half-formed entity you may do so at its github page

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