The Monstrous Cavalcade
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On maverick agents

So you've gone off grid while protecting a fugitive that you believe may have been falsely accused by mole within your own organisation? You've already shot a policeman and water-boarded a suspect in a petrol station bathroom? You've stolen a car and driven it halfway across the country?

Have you changed your laptop's wallpaper?


Is it still that blue thing with the shield that looks like one of those "Winners don't do drugs" splash screens you used to get on arcade machines?

It is?

Excellent. Wouldn't want you going too far off the rails.

Why do TV FBI agents, regardless of how maverick they appear, always slavishly adhere to the organisation's desktop wallpaper policy?

I've been hunting through Google image search because if anyone's going to have a custom desktop it's Fox Mulder. No luck thus far finding any screen grabs that prove it, but if anyone's copy of Windows 95 is going to have a weed smoking Grey with the caption "Take me to your dealer" plastered all over it, it'll be his.

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