The Monstrous Cavalcade
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On second-hand books

I like reading on a Kindle; it takes up less space than a book shelf, and no one can see all the embarrassing titles resting on it. It also has the benefit of not posing the risk that it's concealing a horde of blood-sucking cimicids within its seams and bindings. Sure it sounds like a myth: sharks in swimming pools, and alligators in sewers, but apparently bed bugs in books is something entirely real. I for one am more comfortable with pool sharks and sewer gators than that.

According to my folks Keanu wasn't home to an infestation of insect assailants; oh, and he got the scar on his abdomen from a motorcycle accident.

"We found this little second hand book shop and guess what I got?"
-"Bed bugs?"
presents a Keanu Reeves biography

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