The Monstrous Cavalcade

The Monstrous Cavalcade

A Parade of Monstrosities

This parade of monstrosities constitutes the public output of the being known only as the curator.

Here you'll be able to gaze upon his grotesque creations and, if so inclined, take advantage of his dubious works.

Beware! The abominations found lurking on these pages may be poisonous, rancid or otherwise unpleasant and any interaction with them is performed at your own risk. It is perhaps best to leave them in their specimen jars, safe in their formaldehyde.

Terrible Creations

Over the years the collection of terrible creations bolted, glued and stitched together from fetid parts has grown into something of a gallery of the curious & defective. The following corrupted projects are available for you to stare and point at in bewilderment and horror.

  • Podswamp A ghastly tool for creating customisable sites for browsing Libsyn — the most obnoxious of podcast hosting — hosted podcasts.
  • Podswamp Examples From the fetid swamp come the ghouls. Witness a demonstration of the Podswamp's horrific abilities.
  • DBaser A disgusting collection of database tools for the abomination that is Java. It'll help you query your database and scrape whatever gunk is resting there into your Petri dish (metaphorically speaking).
  • Formic Acid A horde of tools for performing form validation in Java. It may also be layered atop the DBaser project, in a truly heinous strata.
  • Malic Acid The third layer in the putrid three layer dip that is the DBaser/Formic Acid/Malic Acid party combo. A set of helpers for building disgusting HTML forms in Twirl and Javascript.
  • Neck-Bolts Neck-Bolts is a collection of work-in-progress concepts so called because they might be adequate (at a push) for keeping a head atop a cobbled together corpse, but they are by no means an ideal solution.
  • Sand The fool built his home upon the rock while the wise man built his house on the Sand.
  • A congealment of works that the curator enjoys consuming presented in a manner that attempts to depart from his usual repugnant stylings.

Ill Conceptions

Sometimes thoughts drip from the curator's mind like ooze from a spill pipe. On occasion he takes pleasure in capturing this goo in a specimen jar, and displaying alongside the other horrors in his twisted collection. These sickening examples can be browsed, at the risk of the reader, in the darkened corner of this twisted circus forever known as the blog.

Conversely some of the curator's thoughts aren't worthy of collecting and are dumped, by the bucket load, into the void of twitter. Some of those unworthy ideas can be found, amongst other slop and ichor, in The Garderobe.

Hideous Entities

  • Twitter Strange squawking voices can be heard emanating from a bore hole behind the old house. Frequently the curator scribbles down their screeched ramblings and records them here for posterity.
  • GitHub The circus tent can only hold so many freakish entities, and the curator's budget can only feed so many mouths, sometimes he has to ship his creations off to storage facilities like this.

Diamonds in the Rough

Not everything in the cavalcade is a hideous monstrosity. There are some members that are quite the opposite, in fact, including:

  • Agnieszka the curator's wonderful partner &
  • Leeloo their trusty hound.