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Terrible Creations

Don't You Open That Trapdoor

In the dark they lurk. Snapping at one another in the inky blackness with their malformed beaks; groping for throats with their whip-like tendrils. Should you wish to unleash them upon the world, you may, but for your own sanity & safety it's strongly, nay vehemently, recommended you leave them to their infernal squabbling in the pit.

  • Podswamp — A ghastly tool for creating customisable sites for browsing Libsyn — the most obnoxious of podcast hosting — hosted podcasts.
  • Podswamp Examples — From the fetid swamp come the ghouls. Witness a demonstration of the Podswamp's horrific abilities.
  • DBaser — A disgusting collection of database tools for the abomination that is Java. It'll help you query your database and scrape whatever gunk is resting there into your Petri dish (metaphorically speaking).
  • Formic Aside — A horde of tools for performing form validation in Java. It may also be layered atop the DBaser project, in a truly heinous strata.
  • Neck-Bolts — Neck-Bolts is a collection of work-in-progress concepts so called because they might be adequate (at a push) for keeping a head atop a cobbled together corpse, but they are by no means an ideal solution.
  • Sand — The fool built his home upon the rock while the wise man built his house on the Sand.